Twelve Hours Prior

A text from Tatiana to¬† Dr. B the night before Miah’s passing:

…I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re amazing. I know that might not mean much but I’m incredibly grateful for you and your family and honored to know you guys. I don’t know anyone else who could be as incredible as you with every challenge life throws at you. Just because you do it with greatness, grace and gratitude doesn’t mean I don’t recognize how incredibly challenging it is truly for all three of you, but especially for you. But I’m so fucking proud of you for refusing to give up, showing up, being authentic, doing it anyways and persevering. I am so blessed that God put me in your life. You truly see me and I truly believe that you believein me and I’m so appreciative that you choose to see the good in me and even though I don’t see my potential, you do and that’s so empowering. I’ve never believed in something as much as I do Mentally STRONG & your mission, vision and goals. Aside from being a mom there is nothing I love more than caring for Miah, hard days, good days and all of them in between. Your family has beautifully changed my life and restored my faith in humanity and has forced me to find gratitude in all that I do. I know I’m not doing the best right now and I’m not making the people most important to me proud but I promise I’m not giving up & I’ll get there. I could never find enough powerful words to express the gratitude I have for you, your family and mentally strong. Thank you for believing in me unconditionally. I love you so much.

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