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Are you a psychiatric nurse practitioner that wants to open a Mentally STRONG Practice?

Dr. Cristi Bundukumara (Dr. B.), the owner of Mentally STRONG, has created a revolutionary new way to approach mental health crisis. She believes we must instill more hope and trust in our clients and build a more robust and healthier culture around mental health that begins with dignity, power, and choice. She has developed fantastic Mentally STRONG licensing opportunities for the mental health community, that are available to psychiatric nurse practitioners interested in opening their own Mentally STRONG Treatment Centers.

Dr. B. believes in empowering individuals and organizations, teaching them The Mentally STRONG Method, meeting people where they are, and listening closely to how they want to learn. Having built a successful model in Colorado Springs, she plans to expand her vision to other cities and states. By offering licensing opportunities, real progress can finally be made in proactively addressing the national mental health crisis.

This model centers around a mental health clinic run by board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, providing counseling and medication services in one location. Dr. B. has been a certified nurse practitioner for over 20 years and believes empowering other, experienced nurse practitioners is the key to reaching more people seeking mental health support and getting them that help quickly.

Through this model, Dr. B. and her team believe we can empower entrepreneurial nurse practitioners to help improve access to mental health services nationwide. Like our Colorado Springs mental health center, a Mentally STRONG Mental Health Clinic welcomes clients by scheduling their first appointment within two weeks of first contact and providing counseling and medication management in one location.



Contact us today for more information about this amazing licensing opportunity in the mental health community.

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