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What is the Mentally STRONG Method?


The "Thought Map" was very helpful in connecting past and current events to our moods and choices today. - Linda C.

Linda C.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

I learned that it is okay to take the time to work on yourself. I did not know that my childhood trauma triggered my need to be successful to prove my self worth.

Angela M.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

I'm a lot more focused than I have been, I loved learning this method and want to work in this capacity.

Brooke A.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

This is a great way to challenge negative thinking patterns in a comprehensive way which considers each person as unique - Annie H.

Annie H.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

Thought Mapping has been one of my favorite ways to organize thoughts and writing for myself and students. Applying this to mental health has been so helpful.

Jonathan G.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

This company and course give you the best tools you need to be there for yourself, and the insight to be more mindful about decision making and organizing thoughts and emotions.

Sarah H.

Mentally STRONG Method Course Participant

Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, EDD PMHNP (Dr. B.) has developed a revolutionary new way to approach teaching resilience – the Mentally STRONG Method.

Through the success of the Method in the Mentally STRONG Treatment Center and her relentless passion for teaching and outreach, Dr. B created the Mentally STRONG Academy, a full-service educational platform bringing the Mentally STRONG Method to everyone.

Through online and in-person courses, books, and worksheets, individuals can learn how to use the Mentally STRONG Method for themselves or their families, learning how to confront negative self-talk and feelings of hopelessness through a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) lens. The Mentally STRONG Method shows individuals that these overwhelming thoughts can be organized, and once we understand where they are coming from, we can choose how to respond to them.

The Mentally STRONG Academy offers professional training for life coaches, mental health professionals, and psychiatric nurse practitioners, giving them an additional tool to help others on their mental health journey.

Join Dr. B and the Mentally STRONG Academy mental health revolution by enrolling on a course today!

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