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Mentally STRONG Method Online Course

The Mentally STRONG Method Online Course is a self-improvement course that teaches adults how to identify negative thoughts, manage their emotions, and make empowered choices to become their best selves.


Raising Mentally Strong Kids

Raising Mentally STRONG kids is an online course that teaches parents how to support their children’s mental health by helping them to overcome common challenges all of us struggle with at some point.


CBT Training for Licensed Professionals

This course is for a licensed therapist to quickly learn a cognitive-behavioral formula that can be the foundation for all therapeutic interventions or an adjunct to their specialty. It engages and empowers their clients and provides easy documentation for cognitive behavioral sessions.


Become a Mentally Strong Coach

Our new life coaching course will allow you to start your own business, helping others become Mentally STRONG. This course was developed using our cognitive-behavioral approach to creating sustainable mental strength. Successful candidates for this program are confident and empathetic individuals with a life-long passion for helping others. Click the button below to become a coach today.

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