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Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, Ed.D. PMHNP

Founder and Creator of The Mentally STRONG Method

I have been a psychiatric nurse practitioner since 2000, with extensive experience with clients of all ages. My career began as an Army Medic before attending Florida International University (FIU) nursing school.

I have worked in various nursing positions, including missionary work in Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru. I continued at FIU and obtained a Masters in Nursing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, then to Nova Southeastern for my Doctorate.

With a deep desire to serve my country again, I was commissioned in the US Navy Reserves, where I currently still serve.

I am originally from Miami, FL, where I accepted Christ after the devastating Hurricane Andrew. My husband and I have seven children, two biological, and five adopted from the foster care system. My husband and two biological children have a devastating, rare, and difficult to diagnose disease which struck us unexpectedly, challenging our view of life and our faith in God.

Life is filled with joy and pain in varying degrees for different people. We have had our share of both and we recognize that people are immensely resilient and are never given more than we can handle. We also appreciate that while we have experienced heart-wrenching setbacks through the years, our family has relied on each other for comfort and support, and this is certainly one of our family’s foremost strengths.

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