4 Signs You May Have Adult ADD or ADHD

While many individuals receive an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) diagnosis in childhood, there are many others that do not. Older adults may lack a diagnosis because ADD and ADHD knowledge was not as prevalent in the past as it is today. If you experience these 5 signs, you may have Adult ADD or ADHD. Read on to find out more!


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1. Trouble Concentrating

ADHD and ADD in adults are characterized by an ongoing pattern of inattention in more than one environment. This means that if you only have trouble focusing at your job, but not when you are participating in a hobby you like, it is not considered ADD or ADHD. ADD and ADHD is not something that develops over time, so it is most likely that you also had difficulty focusing as a child in school or other situations.

Many individuals with ADD or ADHD describe their experience to be overwhelming and feeling as though they aren’t able to concentrate on important tasks.


2. Leaving Things Unfinished

Have you ever started cleaning one room and found yourself 2 hours later having started many small cleaning projects that were never finished? This may be a sign of ADD or ADHD. Adults with ADHD or ADD may find it difficult to complete projects at home or at work, despite having ample time to complete these projects.

This can be especially frustrating because you want to complete the project, but you can’t seem to focus yourself. You are not alone in this, and many individuals with ADD and ADHD feel similarly.


Dr. B explaining Adult ADD and ADHD

3. Poor Impulse Control

Adults with ADHD or ADD may exhibit poor impulse control. This may range anywhere from interrupting people or conversations all the way to putting yourself at unnecessary risk. In fact, you may not even know why you are exhibiting this behavior or only recognize it after the fact. Those with ADD or ADHD may even be more likely to speed, run a red light, or have an accident.


4. Missing Appointments

Do you have a habit of missing appointments or forgetting things quickly? This may be a sign of ADD or ADHD. This is because the brain is unable to focus on what is being said. From appointments to critical information shared in a meeting.


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