Mental Health Expert Launches Online Program to Address Growing Mental Health Crisis in Children

Online course, Raising Mentally Strong Kids, is now available: teaches parents how to support their children in overcoming mental health challenges

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 3, 2021 — With a national increase in youth depression and suicide, Dr. Cristi Bundukamara, a Colorado Springs psychiatric nurse practitioner, is addressing these mental health concerns by not only acting as a mental health resource and care provider, but by building a stronger foundation for future generations with the launch of an online program, Raising Mentally STRONG Kids. The program is designed to help parents support their children through mental health concerns, in conjunction with mental health treatment by professionals.

Developed to teach parents how to support their children through common challenges that we all struggle with at some point in our lives, Raising Mentally STRONG Kids is a course created by a team of mental health professionals and parents with a Cognitive-Behavioral approach, using the Mentally STRONG Method to help parents learn how to effectively handle their child’s emotions and behaviors.

“Parenting is such a rewarding and yet challenging journey. As parents, we all struggle to keep up with our children, and often experience feelings of stress, anger, and frustration,” said Dr. Bundukamara. “You may be overwhelmed and unsure of what to do to help your child navigate their own life, but you are not alone. Raising Mentally STRONG Kids is a parenting course that is designed to help anyone raise their child to be Mentally STRONG so that they can then carry these skills into adulthood. Just like practicing for a sport or studying for an exam, this program helps those who partake in it become stronger by practicing these skills and training their brain to process what life throws at them differently so that they’re better equipped to face these challenges when they do arise.”

Raising Mentally STRONG Kids is designed to teach parents how to use the Mentally STRONG Method to support their child in organizing their thoughts, managing their emotions, and making positive life choices. Parents will also learn how to support their child in developing healthy relationships, strong communication skills, and enduring and overcoming feelings of sadness, fear, or worry. “This is a proactive and lifelong approach to teaching mental strength in children. Our method helps these individuals resolve conflicts, become empowered to take action, break through barriers, strengthen relationships, control emotions, overcome depression and overwhelm, and strengthen their mental stamina using mental strengthening tactics,” said Dr. Bundukamara.

If a child is experiencing mental health symptoms or any suicidal thoughts, seek professional help immediately. This program is supportive and educational in nature and is not meant to replace mental health treatment by mental health professionals. The course is available online at and includes the addition of an online community with other parents for continued discussions and learning around Raising Mentally STRONG Kids.

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