Loss of a Child: 2 Things You MUST DO When Grieving the Loss of a Child

The death of a child is one of the most painful things that can happen to a family. No parent is ever prepared for their child’s death, whatever the cause of death may be. We don’t have control over the things that are happening around us and that can make us feel so helpless and hopeless. But the only thing that we have is the power of choice. You may never know how long it will take for you to accept it and to grieve from the loss of your child but overtime you will still find peace and look forward to the future. 

Here are the 2 things that you must do to find strength for the future:

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You MUST Choose LIFE

You must choose to find purpose and happiness in this life even after all the things that are happening. You have to choose life and not take your own life.

You are not alone in this journey, there are a lot of parents out there experiencing what you are going through. But one thing can make you different: it’s your choice. Choosing life does not mean forgetting what you’ve lost, but it is finding purpose in your loss and grief. It is really hard to choose life when the source of your happiness is gone, but there will come a time that the memories you have with your child can be your fuel to continue life.

You Must NEVER Give Up

Never give up on trying to find that happiness. It will not be easy, there are some days that you just want to give up. But always remember that giving up is never an option. There is a reason you are here. 

It is also important to understand that grieving is normal, and you can grieve as long as you need. A parent’s grief can actually last a lifetime, but the intensity of that grief will vary over time and eventually you can start to find the happy memories of your child to be a source of comfort and happiness. Instead of making all those memories a source of your grief, make that as a source of your strength to continue life and never give up.


 Turn your pain into purpose. Choose life and never give up. 

This is not an easy journey, but we can do it. 

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