Are Your Thoughts Limiting Your Potential?

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Cristi Bundukamara, Ed. D, PMHNP (aka, Dr. B.), founder and creator of the Mentally STRONG Method discusses the effects of our thoughts on our potential and how we can become mentally stronger. 

The Effects of Negative Thinking

Our thoughts – what we think daily and automatically at times, can be limiting.  Everyone has negative thoughts; some have overcome them with “positive thinking.”  Evidence shows that positive thinking can change your destiny – but not in all circumstances. For instance, Dr. B embraced positive thinking in believing her son would be healed from a genetic disorder, but sadly he passed in 2016. This shattered her belief and kept her struggling with negative thoughts. 

Core (Limiting) Beliefs

So, what can positive thinking and our thoughts do?  In looking at her own thoughts, Dr. B found that she had some limiting beliefs about her intellect that were particularly difficult to overcome. While she has a list of intellectual victories and moments she is proud of, she had a hard time breaking the cycle of negative thoughts. 

Determining and understanding the core belief that kept pulling her back was key to overcoming her negative thinking. External triggers may also trigger these core beliefs, as feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed may start a cycle of negative thinking. Even with external triggers, it is key to finding and working on that core belief behind negative thinking to change your life. 

Think. Organize. Choose.

It is only through her working the Mentally STRONG Method that Dr. B has overcome the limitations of negative thinking. Organizing her thoughts, looking for patterns and ultimately, the core beliefs driving her choices, Dr. B has been able to question some of her thinking and change her life. Using the Mentally STRONG Method helps us see the patterns in our behavior AND our thinking, giving us the freedom to overcome both, make better choices, and live a better, mentally healthy life.

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