Making Time for Your Mental Health

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Cristi Bundukamara, Ed. D, PMHNP (aka, Dr. B.), founder and creator of the Mentally STRONG Method, has over 20 years of clinical experience and has learned from her professional and personal experiences the importance of making time for mental health.

Mental Health is for Everyone

Having faced the routine ups and downs of life as a mother and wife and the traumatic challenges of having lost two children, Dr. B knows how hard it can be to prioritize yourself and your own mental health. Even those not diagnosed with a mental health condition need to pay attention to their emotions and thoughts because we are emotional, spiritual beings. For those that do struggle with anxiety, depression, or other issues, it is essential to set aside time for ourselves, prioritize our mental health, and, if needed, get help. For some, the Mentally STRONG Method may be helpful, and with all the options available, Dr. B supports everyone in finding what works best for them.

Make Mental Health Your Priority

It is that time of year when many of us will make the resolution to work on our physical health. We are proud of ourselves when we prioritize health by eating right and working out. We are proud to be going to the gym. But our mental health is just as important as our physical health.  Why not be proud to be seeing a therapist or taking time from your day to work on your mental health, too? Think of therapy as going to the gym for your mind. A therapist is like a personal trainer – they are there to help you get mentally in shape. You still have to do all the work, but they can help guide you and help you to see progress faster than on your own. We all do different things to care for our bodies – go to the gym, get a massage or a manicure, get haircuts, facials, etc. – why should mental health be any different? 

Exercise Your Emotional Muscles

Mentally strong people aren’t just that way naturally – just like a bodybuilder, they have to work to achieve that fitness level. People may think they are perfectly healthy and do not need additional mental strength, but they may lack insight into how their thinking affects their everyday lives. Becoming mentally strong is a choice and a lifelong process of toning those emotional muscles so that they are prepared to lift that heavy burden and continue on when life gets hard. A mentally strong person is in touch with their emotions and in control of their feelings.

Spirituality is Key

It seems like an unpopular viewpoint, but we are spiritual beings. As such, we need to take care of ourselves to have healthy interactions with the world around us. We have a connection to a higher source – God or whatever you may call it, but it is there. Part of being mentally strong is having a personal relationship with God – that higher spiritual source in whatever form you see, whether it be family, community, or the universe. Being involved and active in this relationship is vital to being mentally strong. 

Become Mentally STRONG

It is essential to be educated about mental illness and work daily on our mental health. While many have anxiety and depression, others don’t, but it is still necessary for everyone to work on their mental health. Learn and support healthy behaviors by thinking, organizing, and choosing your thoughts and actions with the Mentally STRONG Method. We are here to help you exercise mental strength, whether at home with the Mentally STRONG books, online through our courses, or in a “personal training” session with one of our therapists

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